Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Farlaine the Goblin #1 - In Stores Today!!

OK, today is the day Farlaine the Goblin #1 finally hits store shelves!! 

There were more than 1300 copies ordered so there's a good chance it should be available at a large variety of comic book shops around the country, as well as a bunch overseas. I can't speak for interplanetary, but we did send free copies to Jupiter Two and Betelgeuse, so there is a chance they'll be available if you live out there a ways, but no guarantees(expensive shipping).

Luckily, for anyone that can't find a copy near them, you can order it direct through the website! We'll even sign it and doodle in it for you!

We've had some good word of mouth and plenty of people looking forward to the book, so hopefully people are happy with the final product!

And most importantly, if you buy the book and like it, tell you your local comic shop! Ask them to order the next books!

If you don't, they won't, and everyone ends up sad!

Book 2 will be on stands October 30th and Book 3 will be out December 11th!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Farlaine the Goblin is coming...SEPTEMBER 25TH!

OK, heading into the final lap on Farlaine the Goblin #1 finally hitting the streets next week on September 25th, 2013!!

I know there is a huge, endless mass of people anxiously awaiting the book...all four of you...but you'll need to wait patiently! The book is successfully with the distributor now, and unless they too have a fire, the book should finally get out there soon. (Highly recommend people to form Harry Potter-like lines awaiting it's imminent release).

Book 2 is scheduled to follow it seemingly quickly, hitting stands either October 23rd or October 30th(depending on printer shipping dates).

Book 3 is scheduled to trickle along in early December.

That's the main comic stuff at least.

In other Farlaine news we were set up at the Baltimore Comic Con last weekend and it was another positive convention. We sold about the same # of books as we did at Boston, but again, to a new group of people who hadn't even heard of the book before! I take that as a good sign.

I also did a convention drawing for someone, which was fun  > >

Finally, we will also be set up at the New York Comic Con as well, October 10-13. We will be set up in the Small Press Area, in sight of Marvel Comics(assuming their setup is bigger than ours).

Friday, September 6, 2013

Reviews, Conventions, and Reprints, oh my!

A handful of interesting things worth mentioning this week in the world of Farlaine news!

First - Farlaine the Goblin will be set up at the Baltimore Comic Con THIS weekend, September 7-8 in booth A143.

Second - Mega awesome Farlaine review came out today:

We also got a cool little mention in a YouTube video today from Hoknes Comics:

And somehow we showed up as #51 on TFAW's "hotness" list, ahead of such unknowns as Walking Dead and Atomic Robo. Clearly some people find goblins hot:

And Third - Finally got in copies of the "Fire Printing" reprint of Book #1 that was destroyed at the printer - and I'm happy to say that they came out even better than the original first printings! Yay silver lining from fire destruction! This edition is what will finally hit stands worldwide on September 25th!!