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Farlaine the Goblin is a 7 volume series with each book being a self-contained adventure through 1 of the final lands Farlaine is exploring on his quest to find a home.

To get you started, here is a Free PDF of the first issue, Farlaine in the Tinklands!

I hope you enjoy it!

The Tinderlands

Farlaine in the Tinderlands was the original short story I did to prove to myself that I could tell a story and to get some critical feedback from the professionals at the Boston Comic Con in 2010.

The art was drawn as a 3 page story at 14"x17", but because the detail was lost in printing, I had to break the story into halves to create a 6 page version.

My original intention was simply to give an example of the lands Farlaine visited, the oddness of them, and his creative problem solving. This short story leads directly into the mini-series, although much has changed in the writing and art.

In retrospect the art is very inconsistent, the writing somewhat confusing, and there are even a couple of typos. I made the mistake of assuming the reader knew as much as I did, which left many people scratching their head.

But I think the storytelling is OK, which was really the most important part to test.

Is it perfect? Far from it. But as they say, it was "The best I could do at the time", and I learned some great lessons.

And I still think it was a fun little creative story:)