Pug Grumble

Pug Grumble

Writer and Artist of Farlaine the Goblin

When I first started Farlaine the Goblin I didn't want to put a name in it.

I wanted the work to speak for itself.

I didn't want anyone to make an opinion about the series based on the person behind it. Whether I was young or old, male or female, a professional or an amateur, or anything else folks may want to separate people by. In my mind, none of that should matter. You should either like the comic based on the story. For all you know I'm a chinchilla with a wifi connection and amazing tail dexterity.

So that's how the first few books came out.

But over time, I started to realize a few things.

First and foremost - it was tough to do a followup. Any additional series I did would have no connection back to Farlaine, and while that's not a problem yet, one day it may be.

There were also some logistical issues I kept running into at conventions and places where they'd insist on having a name. For a while I'd just tell them Farlaine the Goblin, but that didn't always work.

I'd always liked the idea of a pen name just to have that thread to connect work together, but when I wrote the first issue of Farlaine I hadn't come up with one I was happy with. And the worst possible thing would be putting out a book with a name you weren't happy with. I'd forever be known by a name that didn't fit.

At some point when I was midway through the series I finally came up with a pen name I liked - Pug Grumble. It was a play on Mark Twain type names that had an actual meaning and were sort of tongue in cheek. For those who don't know, if you have a bunch of pug dogs together it's called a grumble.

I liked how the name looked visually, it was short and to the point, it was unique and memorable, and most of all it conveyed the kind of work I wanted to produce - a little quirky and silly and innocent.

But still I sat on it, letting it stew for a year while Book 4 went out anonymous.

Finally, with Book 5, I unveiled it.

Since then I've used it on the remaining books and any reprints that have happened, and have updated it on Amazon and places that sell my books. Over time, I'll put the name on the rest of the series, and whatever I do in the future.

- Pug Grumble, Artist and Writer of Farlaine the Goblin