Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Book 7: The Final Land IN STORES TODAY!

After years of work and 6 other books, the climactic finale to Farlaine the Goblin hits stores today!

The 64-page finale crashes Farlaine into a land that's up for grabs! Whoever can collect the biggest pile of somethings can claim the land! So it's a mad rush for Farlaine and Drowsy to throw their hat in the ring.

This over-sized finale also boasts an amazing variant cover by the great David Petersen of Mouse Guard fame:

The books can be found in cool local comic shops that like indie books, or on can sign and doodle these!) or even I'll also be at the Baltimore Comic Con this coming weekend (Sept 28-30).

This 7th and final book marks the end of the series, a 300+ page adventure that took me more than 5 years to complete!

And there's still plenty more to do still!

I need to release a TPB that collects together Books 4-7 for the TPB crowd, which will include a bunch of work resizing the series up and finding some goodies to add to the end. I also need to save up some cash before I can print that beast...

I'm also still on the lookout for a good publisher who wants to help get the series into book stores. I think book stores are far more Farlaine's home than a comic shop. If that day ever comes, we'll be sure to colorize the series too! (and fix all the mistakes and problems that bug me!)

What else now, you may ask?

Well, I wrote a novel called Ouch that I'm in the midst of pitching around to publishers. I'm also grabbing a real job again to pay the bills and dig out of some of this fun comic book debt:)

But there are plans for other comics down the line, just not sure yet when:)

I hope you enjoy the end of the series! 


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Final Reminder! Pre-Order Book 7 Now!

Howdy gang!

Final Reminder!

Farlaine the Goblin ~ Book 7: The Final Land is available for Pre-Order RIGHT NOW!

Pre-orders are always a huge help since it encourages stores to order more copies and helps me sell the books I overprint:) 

Call or visit your local comic shop this week and tell them you'd like to preorder a copy(Diamond Code: JUL182154)! If you order 3 copies, 1 of them should be the David Petersen variant cover!

Don't have a local comic shop? Order online at places like:

MidTown Comics
Forbidden Planet
Westfield Comics

NOTE: Websites may keep the variants. You can order from if you want to be sure to get one!

The book will hit store shelves September 19th!! Enjoy!




Thursday, June 21, 2018

Book 7 is Available for Pre-Order! With a David Petersen variant!!


Starting next week, Farlaine the Goblin ~ Book 7:The Final Land, the climactic finale of Farlaine the Goblin, will be available for pre-order!

The Diamond Previews Prevue is already listed, which includes a handful of advance pages:

Below is a sneak peak at my cover for the book! I tried to get all artsy with leading the eye in a spiral to pull you through all the story elements. This piece also dovetails very nicely with the original cover for Book 1, which had the Tinks of Orn chasing Farlaine off the page!

At this point I'm drawing the final 7 pages of art and this book is gonna be a whopper, clocking in at 60+ pages!! Lots of loose ends to tie up, questions to answer, and fun characters to bring back. Hopefully it gives people a fun and solid ending to the story:)

I held off on releasing Book 6 for a few months so that I could get further along on Book 7, which means that while Book 6 hit stores last March, Book 7 will be close behind it, hitting store shelves in September!!

Even better, it'll be available for pre-order starting next week and throughout the month of July! Be sure to order a copy at your Local Comic Shop, or online at sites like MidTown Comics!


What makes this book even cooler though is that it's also going to boast a variant cover by one of the best all-ages artists in the industry, Mouse Guard's own David Petersen! Here's a sneak peek!

David was my top pick of dream artists to do a variant. I've loved his art on Mouse Guard for ages, as well as all the other random covers and pieces he's done over the years(TMNT, Harry Potter, etc). I'd asked him to do a cover for years but he was always too busy to fit it in. After my original Book 7 variant artist had to bow out I threw out one final request and the timing shockingly worked and David agreed to do it! I did cartwheels for weeks:)

What's great about this piece too is that David redrew EVERYTHING. The nested layout of the cover, the tree on the left, even the titles! Stellar work.

I especially loved his take on Drowsy the Tink. Not only is his design wonderful with the huge mustache and the pimpin' Liefeld-like shoulderpads, but he really nailed his sense of worrying, both with his clasped hands and his inward pointing feet. His Farlaine was also amazing with that huge acorn and a very fluffy grass skirt! Overall I was thrilled with his work on this!!

David Petersen's variant will be mixed into orders for Book 7 at a 1:3 ratio, meaning if you order 3 copies, 1 of them will be David's variant. Pre-order the books ahead of time at your local comic shop to be sure to get your copy. I know some of the online places like to keep the variants to try to flip them later, so be careful. You can also always order copies direct from, while supplies last.

And as with all other variant covers, this'll be printed on some fancy pirate paper that will look and feel far cooler than most comics!

With this final cover, it also means the series ended with variants by David Petersen, Skottie Young, Charles Paul Wilson III, and Larry MacDougall, which truly blows my mind! What a group!! Thanks guys!!!


The last few months had a few conventions mixed in, starting with C2E2 in Chicago back in April and two great local shows with the Plastic City Comic Con in Leominster, MA and Kids Con in Nashua, NH. All 3 shows were great fun and I sold more books than I had ever! C2E2 now boasts my single best day of sales with Kids Con coming in a close second, beating out such heavyweight shows as NYCC!

To finish up the year I'll be at the Boston Comic Con/Fan Expo Boston in early August, followed by MICE(Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) in September, and the Baltimore Comic Con in October! Then for 2019, with the complete series in hand, I hope to start hitting more cons I've never been to before, especially toward the west coast I've never made it to, as well as returning to place I haven't been in a while like Heroes Con. Gonna be a fun year!


In the past I didn't sell much original art from the series, with only a dozen pages from Book 4 slipping out during the Kickstarter. Since then I've gotten a little more open about it, giving pages to friends and family who helped and supported the book. I've consigned 10 pages to Gallery Laqua in Europe, and have even started to post a few pages for sale on ComicArtFans too.

If anyone's interested in a page, feel free to check those sites, or reach out via email(contact form on the right). I'm keeping a lot of it for myself, but am considering letting some go to fans who want to give it a nice home:)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book 6:The Winglands In Stores Today!

Farlaine the Goblin ~ Book 6:The Winglands hits store shelves worldwide today!

Books are available in cool local comic shops, as well as listed on Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle, and on this very website where I'll happily sign and doodle in them for you!

The latest adventure of Farlaine and friends comes in at more than 40 pages of wing flapping fun!

Here's the official description:
"Farlaine the Goblin travels up to The Winglands, a flying land where everything grows wings! From butterfly wings to fairy wings to grasshopper wings, this is a land full of flapping! But when Farlaine finds a potted forest in the sky, is this finally his chance? The second to last volume of the series!"

This book also ships with a 1:3 variant by the great painter Larry MacDougall!


I hope everyone enjoys it!

Thanks to everyone who supports the series! Only one more book to go...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Book 6:The Winglands hits stores March 28th! Book 7 is half done! C2E2 in April!

I'm terrible at remembering to update all the different websites and social media places, so apologies for the delay in putting up a website post! I usually focus on writing and drawing the book, and not enough on spreading the word. Things to improve on in 2018! Anyways, lots going on of late as the series wraps up:)

First and foremost, Book 6:The Winglands, will hit store shelves on March 28th!

It's got a variant cover by Larry MacDougall and the whole story takes place in the clouds! I think this is a fun story, has some hints of The Racelands, and I think readers will enjoy where the story goes. But beware - it's a bit of a cliffhanger! That's why I held off on releasing it too soon, because I wanted Book 7 to be closer behind:)

Book 7, tentatively titled "The Final Land", is well underway. I've finished drawing the first 18 pages and am planning to solicit it in April if things go well. This would mean it would be in Previews in June and hit stores in August!

And, best of all, I've got a very exciting artist lined up for the final variant! This is actually a change from earlier plans too - the original artist vanished on me so I had to scramble to find someone else, but as luck would have it, my original top pick, first choice of all(above even Skottie Young!) somehow had time in their schedule!! I'm still not saying who it is because I don't want to jinx it, but I'm confident he'll deliver an epic final cover for the series.

And finally, as 2018 rolls around to the spring we enter convention season! I'll be at C2E2 in Chicago April 6-8, Plastic City Comicon in Massachusetts April 21, Kids Con New England in NH on June 10, plus a few more TBD later in the year. Most likely Boston(as usual) and NY, with a chance at Baltimore, SPX, and a few others. It all comes down to when Book 7 gets released and which conventions let me in:) My goal is to do the fall with the full series in hand! And then in 2019, maybe I'll head further west and finally hit the west coast. We'll see. If anyone has any requests, feel free to ping me!

OK, now back to work drawing Book 7!