Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The countdown is on!

The plan for Farlaine the Goblin was always to complete 3 full issues and then submit it to publishers. The thought process was that:
 A) It shows the publisher that I can keep providing the same level of work and quality and deliver consistently - not just produce 1 book and quit
 B) it gives me time to get my feet into the world and the art and work out the kinks
 C) it gives me a buffer for in case they say yes
 D)  it lets the story develop and get going a little bit

So at least that was the idea. I've completed 2 issues now and just finished page 17 of the 3rd issue, which will total about 35 pages when complete - so about half way.

The goal is now the New York Comic Con on October 11th, at which time I'm planning to approach the publishers/editors at the top handful of comic companies that may have an interest in the work. So I've got about 50 days to complete 18 pages of work, which doesn't seem too bad a schedule, but there are some serious time hurdles in the way which will make this far closer to the wire than I'd prefer, especially since a lot of what's left will involve character designs, new sets, and lots of large and complicated panels. At my fastest I can produce a page in a day, but at my slowest it can take 3 days to finish a page.

So the countdown is on...we'll see...