Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post-New York Comic Con Wrapup!

Well, after doing conventions in Boston, Baltimore, and now the 4-day New York finale, I'm tired and our convention season is over:) It's time to get back to work on the next books.

Not sure yet what the next appearances may be

NYCC Notes:

It was a very hectic and crazy time, but also very good! I ended up selling more than 150 books over the 4 days, the majority of which were to people that hadn't heard of it.

For anyone that hasn't been to the NYCC, I'd highly encourage it. It's an amazing zoo of oddity and awesomeness and crazy cool people..

Some of the more surreal experiences for me:

- A couple of guys came by the booth and bought 4 copies of the first printing - this is the book that was sent out as review copies to stores over the summer, and which were for sale at Boston and Baltimore.

I only have a handful of these left. They paid me $40/each for them. Then a half hour later they returned with an authentication guy from CGC to watch as I signed them! So they're now going to be sealed in plastic cases and graded. Too weird!

- One guy came up on Sunday gushing about how excited he was that I was there since he couldn't find the book anywhere else. He was seriously all smiles:)

- One sweet girl came by asking me to draw in her sketchbook. So cool!

- My favorite was one girl came by on Friday I think(the days blend), liked the look of the book but didn't have any money, so I gave her a free copy and asked her to read it and let me know what she thought of it. She came back Sunday and said she liked it, then gave me money for the free copy and bought a copy of #2! Then she waved at me later as she walked by. It was so cool!!

- On Sunday a guy came by and was looking at my book. He asked if I'd trade? I said sure, and he started pulling out wands. How cool is this?? So I got a squid wand in trade for copies of book 1 & 2 plus a drawing of Farlaine. Score!

I also got a Totoro for myself, a limited Rancor ornament for my dogsitting friends, & a couple of gift Herobears

DON'T FORGET! Still time for people to order "Farlaine the Goblin: Book #3:  The Racelands" through Previews.

Book 2 comes out in stores October 30th!

Book 3 comes out December 11th!