Saturday, May 31, 2014

The inching along life of doing comics on the side...

As June approaches it seemed I was overdue for a quick posting!

First thing to mention is that the first trade paperback of Farlaine the Goblin is being solicited in Previews this month(June)!

You can ask your local comic book shop to order you a copy, or order it online through a place like Mid Town Comics:

It costs $13, runs more than 130-140 pages, and will collect Books 1-3 as well as the short story The Tinderlands(first time in print!)

For those who love big long strings of numbers, the ISBN is: 978-0-9890058-3-8

I highly encourage everyone to order vast quantities of this book and give them out to friends, family, the postman, random people on the streets, or even talking dolphins, should you know of any(you may need to flip the pages for them if they don't have opposable flippers).

So that's really the only exciting bit of 'news' to mention.

Otherwise things are progressing along slowly but surely on Book 4: The Twistlands. This issue is looking to be a bit longer than the others, currently in the 35-40+ page range. Here's a sneak peak of some of the new critters that appear - Twistcatchers!

Unfortunately, this also means it will take that much longer for it to reach the stands. The first 3 books I did without juggling a day job, but since comics don't really pay anything, I am now back to working with a commute and all that, fitting Farlaine in on nights and weekends. So I'm diligently producing pages, just not at the speed I'd prefer.

This does lead to an interesting question on releasing the books though - originally I had planned to complete books 4-5 and release them in subsequent months, but if I take that route it will likely mean an even longer delay before anyone sees any new content. So I might consider releasing them as they're completed, meaning 1 book every 8-12 months. But I'm not giddy about that prospect either.

So we'll see...for now, onward with Book 4!