Monday, August 11, 2014

Boston Comic Con 2014 Awesomeness

This past weekend was the Boston Comic Con, an amazing independent convention that's grown by leaps and bounds, year after year. It moved to the Seaport Convention Center in 2013 and has been even more awesome since! It's like 50% Artist Alley and full of amazing artists. It's insane!

Farlaine the Goblin was set up there this past weekend in D231, an amazing corner spot right on the food court. Great location, lots of traffic. Rumors circulated Saturday at 3PM that a line was still wrapping the building and people were being told if they left they couldn't come back in. Busy!

How busy? What kind of busy? Selling busy! People all over were selling out of books. Everyone was having their best show of the year, if not ever. It was kinda surreal.

My first show was Boston 2013. This was my fifth show and the first repeat.

The best show I've had yet was NY in 2013 when I sold 144 books over 4 days. I only had 2 of the 3 books in print, so numbers would certainly have been higher had The Racelands arrived on time.

I next hit C2E2 2014 and sold a solid 129 over 3 days, the first show with all 3 books. That was a pretty big show, 60,000+. Don't know what the attendance for Boston was just yet, but I imagine not that high.

In Boston I sold 123 over 3 days, with 54 being the first book, compared to 36 and 33 for books 2 and 3. This actually outsold books 1 and 2 over C2E2, but fell behind on book 3. Surprising and awesome!

So the points in all of this are really to illustrate that Boston has a pretty great convention these days, and more and more people are finding Farlaine and coming back:)