Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book 4 is inching closer...

OK, it's been ages since I posted and time somehow got away from me. Apologies!

During August and September I did the Boston and Baltimore Comic Cons, both very fun shows with tons of cool fans and guests! I tried and tried to get into the New York convention, but was shot down on the waiting list up until the day before. Just not well known enough to win a table. Oh well.

Farlaine is chugging along on Book 4 still. It's a longer book than any of the others and things are sadly slower working around the day job. I hope to be finished in early 2015, at which time I'll solicit it through Diamond - so probably April-June for a release date?

Sorry for the wait, but I'm trying to do the story right, around a job distracting me.

I also find I go through surges. I'll create 5 pages of layouts and prelims one weekend, and then ink through all of them in a week and a half, feeling full-time productive.

Then I'll fall out of the groove, things don't line up the same, and suddenly it's a month later and I've only gotten 2 pages done when i expected to have 6.

I'm not a machine. I can't just sit down and work for an hour and pick it up later. Sometimes I can, but not as a habit.

The point with all these excuses being to explain why Book 4 isn't out yet. I'm still working on it:)

I had hoped to solicit it in December for an April release but didn't have a cover done, which is needed, so I'm trucking along on the interiors while keeping ideas going for covers. Then hopefully one of these days I'll fit that in. Once the cover is done and colored I'll solicit the book.

On the positive side of things, this was one of the bigger humps. Books 4-5 were the unknowns...the ones that needed to be built out more...whereas Books 6-7 were mostly in place, the rough concepts already hashed out.

So one of the tough ones is almost done!