Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Book 6, the Boston Comic Con, SPX, and the final stretch run!

The Boston Comic Con is coming up this weekend, August 11-13, and I'll be there set up at AA710. I'll have books, stickers, prints, and more, including the Book 5 Skottie Young variant, the Book 4 Charles Paul Wilson variant, and a bunch of the original art to Book 6 you can flip through.

I'll also be heading down to Maryland for the Small Press Expo, SPX, for the first time on September 16-17. I hear great things about it and it seems like an audience that's interested in something a little different.

No other conventions are planned for 2017, my focus instead on getting the series finished by the end of the year. If I can manage that, then 2018-2019 will be a world tour of sorts with the finished series, where I try to get back to all the major conventions I've hit since the beginning. Boston, NY, Baltimore, Heroes, C2E2, KidsCon, MeCAF, MICE, and ideally add a bunch more to the west. I was even talking to a friend about trying the Helsinki Con one year!

But for now the focus is on getting the series done. It's been a busy few months, finishing up Book 6: The Winglands. A few distractions and reshoots required for the end of Act 3. I think it's coming together OK.

Then it's immediately on to writing Book 7, the culmination of the series! Lots of plot points and tidbits to tie up, lots of questions to answer. I think I'm going to have way too many ideas to cram into this, so it'll probably either be a very long story or very, very dense!

I'll leave you with a fun panel from the new book, The Winglands!