Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Book 7: The Final Land IN STORES TODAY!

After years of work and 6 other books, the climactic finale to Farlaine the Goblin hits stores today!

The 64-page finale crashes Farlaine into a land that's up for grabs! Whoever can collect the biggest pile of somethings can claim the land! So it's a mad rush for Farlaine and Drowsy to throw their hat in the ring.

This over-sized finale also boasts an amazing variant cover by the great David Petersen of Mouse Guard fame:

The books can be found in cool local comic shops that like indie books, or on can sign and doodle these!) or even I'll also be at the Baltimore Comic Con this coming weekend (Sept 28-30).

This 7th and final book marks the end of the series, a 300+ page adventure that took me more than 5 years to complete!

And there's still plenty more to do still!

I need to release a TPB that collects together Books 4-7 for the TPB crowd, which will include a bunch of work resizing the series up and finding some goodies to add to the end. I also need to save up some cash before I can print that beast...

I'm also still on the lookout for a good publisher who wants to help get the series into book stores. I think book stores are far more Farlaine's home than a comic shop. If that day ever comes, we'll be sure to colorize the series too! (and fix all the mistakes and problems that bug me!)

What else now, you may ask?

Well, I wrote a novel called Ouch that I'm in the midst of pitching around to publishers. I'm also grabbing a real job again to pay the bills and dig out of some of this fun comic book debt:)

But there are plans for other comics down the line, just not sure yet when:)

I hope you enjoy the end of the series!