Monday, June 25, 2012

OK, issue #2 of "Farlaine in the Saltlands" is complete!

I spent the last 2 days going over all the endless polishes and tweaks and changes to my second issue, Farlaine in the Saltlands, and have now sent it off to people to read. We'll see, hopefully they like it. It already seems a huge step forward from the first issue, so hopefully I can keep heading in the right direction!

I'm also knee deep in writing issue #3, which is going well so far but is a long process. Writing seems one of those tasks that can go in entirely different directions depending on what your content is; what your story is. If you write something random, just from your creative mind with no concerns about plot points or fitting in certain details, it's a very enjoyable freeform activity. But if on the flip side, you're restricted to an existing world, certain things that have to happen at certain times, a set length, pace, characters, etc., it is far more challenging to do it in such a way as to fit in all the necessary parts, and still end up with a tasty souffle.

So onwards I go to continue crafting interesting scenes, dialogue, and characters for the next book, which will hopefully be completed soon enough to allow me to get back to drawing. It's a strange animal to be drawing every day for months on end, and then have to pause for a week while you write and polish. Rush back too fast and you're drawing a weak story. Too slowly and you've lost all momentum. Maybe life just needs a pause button or something...