Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome to Farlaine the Goblin's web presence

OK, so today I'm finally starting a website and blog for Farlaine the Goblin. I'm doing this more or less to get the ball rolling on myself so I can hopefully get in the habit of adding content and slowly building up a website for when it actually has some meaning and value, instead of simply waiting until the project is entirely completed and then realizing I need a website, have no content, and now need to create it entirely from scratch.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

For anyone but me and my circle of friends and acquaintances I'm sure you, the newfound reader, have no idea what "Farlaine the Goblin" is, or why you should even care about this waste of digital space.

So allow me to give a brief rundown of the scenario...

"Farlaine the Goblin" is a comic book character of my own creation. He's a tree goblin with a pot belly and a magical tree who's trying to fiind a forest to call his own.

The book is sorta a mix of Donald Duck, Bone, Asterix, and a slew of other old school comics. I am in the midst of writing and drawing a 7 issue miniseries about his adventures, which I began on January 1, 2012. I am 1 page away from finishing issue #2 as I distract myself by writing this. The first two issues are a combined 72 pages in length, so it's not quite your standard comic fare. More like a European comic than an American one. Oh, and it's sideways. And B&W. So I'm sure it'll be a huge sales draw:)

So that's about that. Blog started.

Here's a picture of the friendly fellow to get you acquainted.