Sunday, August 4, 2013

The First Convention - Boston Comic Con - Plus, an interview with The Longbox Project!

So this past weekend was the Boston Comic Con! This convention was originally scheduled to happen in April, but was canceled last minute due to the bombings and rescheduled to August.

This was always intended to be the first public appearance of the book since I'm Boston-based, and this new date oddly worked out better for me with the book not being on stands until September. In a way, this turned out to be an advance copy weekend for anyone who found it.

And find it they did! We sold more than 60 copies of the book over the two days, which I'm told is pretty good for an unknown book. I was expecting to sell 20-30 if I was lucky!

And the overall response from people was wonderful, with plenty of kids and adults liking it!! I even had a couple of people that had found those early review copies come up and tell me how much they enjoyed reading it. A very cool and humbling experience.

And then for the cherry on top, a new interview popped up online! After Unleash The Fanboy did an amazing review of Farlaine, I was asked to do a little Q&A for The Longbox Project. They published it this weekend for anyone who's curious about the inner workings of making a goblin:

OK, now I'm off to finish some convention wrap-up work and get back to work finalizing rewrites on issue #3!

And then getting ready for the Baltimore Comic Con in early September!!