Saturday, September 26, 2015

Farlaine the Goblin ~ Book 4: The Twistlands is out now!

OK, it's been a weird week, but here's the deal - the distributor split the book between hitting stores on September 23rd or September 30th. So in some places Farlaine In The Twistlands is out and on stands. In other places it will be out this coming Wednesday.

Apologies to everyone who's as confused as I am:)

But, since it is already released in some places, that means we're going to start selling it through now! Just head over to Buy The Comic at the top of the page.

Farlaine the Goblin ~ Book 4: The Twistlands 
$5 - 56 pages - All Awesome!

Gorgeous alternate felt cover by Charles Paul Wilson III is also available! 

"The most amazing alternate cover ever made." - Everyone Who Touches It