Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Twistlands hits stores in 11 days! NYCC October 8-11!

The last two months has been full of all the 'other parts' of doing a self published comic while having a day job.

Getting the books printed, dealing with complications and tweaks to files, changing inks to get the blacks to look better, sending the book off to reviewers, trying to find new reviewers, and all of the marketing prep and misc stuff you need to do.

The New York Comic Con is also right around the corner and there'a s lot of prep work needed for that, so there's a fun overlap. It's expensive to go to NY, but you can make it back easily. I went 2 years ago when I only had Book 1 and 2 and came out ahead, which was good for NY being my 3rd ever show:)

I skipped last year, but figured the timing with Book 4 was too perfect not to come back. I got a nicer outside corner that should get a good amount of traffic. Got a nice new 7'x7' banner, new t-shirts, little backpacks, and there will be Books 1, 2, 3, 4, TPB, and the alternate cover 4 by Charles Paul Wilson iii. A lot more stuff to offset costs and introduce more people to the book!

And now that I finished ordering gear and getting things en route for the show, reviews and press are starting to roll in for Book 4: The Twistlands!

Here are the first 3. I'll post more in the Reviews & Press section as they appear!

Graphic Policy: "Farlaine The Goblin #4 is, in all honesty, and without any exaggeration, probably the best comic I’ve read all week."

The Pullbox: "This is a must have for readers of all ages!!!"

Positively Nerdy Podcast: Starting 3:40 in:

The book hits store shelves September 30th worldwide! If you can't find it at your local comic shop you'll be able to order it through!

I'm also going to be set up at the New York Comic Con this year in Small Press at Table 1341! Swing on by!

Oh, and on a final note, the physical books arrived yesterday. They came out AMAZING.

My cover was a bit darker, but it really pulls the eye into the inner drawing and helps set the mood.

Charles' cover was amazing. Off the charts amazing. I got a felt paper used on this that wasn't glossed over or anything, so it's all tough and starchy. Combined with the painting Charles did and the texture of the paper, this looks and feels like one of the coolest alternate covers ever. Very 90s. Anyone who ordered 3 copies of this book is gonna smile when they see and feel how cool this is.