Friday, June 3, 2016

Book 5 Begins...

It's been an exciting and busy last month and a half !

The Kickstarter did wonderfully, raising $12,000 towards printing the final books and getting them in front of people! Thanks to everyone who helped out and supported the series; I really hope you enjoy what comes out of the final books:)

Since then I've been working on sending out the early rewards I promised people and finishing up the day job, which I've now been free from for a couple of weeks. It's amazing how set in that routine you can be, so it's taking some time to transition into a more productive schedule. So far so good though!

I'm trucking along on the script for Book 5 right now and hoping to have the first solid draft done soon. Luckily the beginning is mostly set so I'm able to start drawing while I work out the later kinks of the story. There are definitely some fun and interesting ideas in this book, so hopefully people enjoy it!

I also got in hand just this week the alternate cover painted by Larry MacDougall and let me tell you - it's spectacular!!! I'm not sure yet what book this will be used on but when it does it's gonna look amazing!!

Oh, I'm also going to be at Heroes Con in Charlotte June 17-19! First visit to this convention that I've only heard amazing things about and can't wait for!!

OK, back to work on that script now...