Saturday, July 9, 2016

Heroes Con, Book 5, Boston Comic Con

The last month was the start of Book 5!

The first 6 pages are inked and scanned in and I'm burning through pages 7-9 as I type( I work in bundles). It's a bit slower of a start than I'd hoped but solid nonetheless! Hopefully over July I crank through a lot of pages.

In other news Heroes Con was this past month in Charlotte, NC. I'd never been and heard good things. It was a solid show and certainly worth going back to, and there was some tasty food too:) Not sure it can be an annual trip because of the expense, but could be fun to do alternate years!

The Boston Comic Con is coming up August 12-14, my next likely destination. That's my local show so I should have comics, trade, prints, and all the other goodies.

OK, short but sweet update so I can get back to work inking and drawing. Here are a couple of shots of some of the new stuff being worked on for Book 5:)