Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Convention Season/Family Time

The last month has been a nice trucking along on Book 5, doing some big rewrites of the script as I progress through the drawing. I had some new character designs that took some time to figure out and some new locations and plot points that needed hammering and polishing, but at this point things are looking pretty good. Book 5 should clock in around 40-45 pages long and I'm targeting the end of September to be done.

Part of the reason for the later September date is that the month of August is being largely lost to unproductive time. I had two conventions to deal with, the Boston Comic Con that was this past weekend(and awesome as usual!) and then the Baltimore Comic Con coming up September 2-4. Wedged in between them is a family vacation where I can't bring my drawing table so I'll be reduced to pencils and layouts for a bit.

I'll also be at the Hartford Comic Con September 24-25, which will be the end of my convention season for 2016. I'm hoping to hit more shows in 2017 as I get closer to the end of the series:)

I need to finish some inking before I leave for vacation later today, so I'll leave you with a couple of pages from Book 5 to wonder about:)