Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Book 5: The Vaultlands is complete!!

Howdy gang!
OK, I'm a bit late on this update, but it's because I was determined to finish Book 5 before writing again, and I'm happy to say it's finally done!   
44 pages before editing, so it came out a bit longer than I'd expected. I'm working on getting it into InDesign today and then printing off and reading a copy with first-time eyes to see how bad it is. I expect much editing will still be needed(like all the previous books), but at this point it shouldn't slow down the release of the book!

Book 5! 44 Pages of Farlaine!
Book 5! 44 Pages of Farlaine!
So here's the plan going forward...
I'm working on the cover right now, trying to come up with the right layout and design, then I'll draw it. I hope to finish it and get it off to the colorist so I can make the mid-January distributor cutoff date. If I do, then it would appear in their Previews catalog in March and hit stores in May. Horribly long lag, I know, but it's also why I wanted to have the book done before I started. 
My hope from here is that I will solicit Book 6 and 7 before they're complete, so ideally the books all come out in 2017. Sorry I wasn't faster, but I didn't want to rush something subpar out!
Once the cover is done, I'm jumping right into writing Book 6 over the holiday. I'm not yet sure if I'll write just 6 or 6-7 together to make sure all the loose ends tie up, but the idea will be to hammer the script into shape. I may have rushed the script on Book 5 a little to get to the drawing stage, which meant I ended up drawing scenes I may have cut with more time writing. So we'll see, but the idea is I'm in editing and writing mode for the next 6 weeks:)

Book 5! An inch thick of inked pages!
Book 5! An inch thick of inked pages!
So that's where I'm at! 44 pages done, 2 books to go. Money is running lower, but I have a plethora of duplicate organs that I expect should be easy to sell, so no worries, Books 6-7 are coming!!
I'm hoping Book 6 comes in a bit shorter, maybe a 30-35 page yarn, but book 7 I honestly don't know what to expect. It could be 35 or 55, I'm not sure! 

"Is that a typo I see two paragraphs up?"

PS - I stole this post mostly from my Kickstarter:)