Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Book 5 is in Previews! Book 6 is written and being drawn!

OK, I'll admit it, I'm horrible at updating the website!

Between the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Kickstarter there are a lot of things to do that take away from the actual producing of a book! And being a one person(and one pug) act, there's only so much time and lots to do!

But enough with the excuses - this is an exciting update!!

Why, you ask?

Because Farlaine the Goblin ~ Book 5: The Vaultlands is solicited in the March issue of Previews!

I have a spiffy ad on page 407 that makes mention of the coolest part of this book too - I have a variant cover by epic-cover-god and iconic-hat-wearer Skottie Young!!

This took me 3 years of bribing and cajoling to get, so hopefully it helps sell a couple of extra books(it's mixed in at a 1:3 ratio with my cover, so it should be easily attainable for Skottie's fans!).

Check out the awesome job he did and the equally wonderful coloring by Jean-Francois Beaulieu:

So please please please, if you dig the series and want to support it, contact your local comic shop and ask them to order it for you! The Diamond Code is MAR172021 and every issue helps!

I'm also hard at work on Book 6: The Winglands! I wrote the script in January and started drawing it mid-February. I'm inking page 5 right now and hope to keep this book a little shorter than the last, maybe around 35 pages. So far so good!

Here are a couple of fun images from the new book:

OK, now back to the drawing board(literally!).